Intensive In-Community Program

Intensive In-Community Program

The Intensive In-Community Program offers short-term, in-home services for children with behavioral and mental health challenges. Experienced clinicians work together with each child to identify their strengths and needs to assist them in accomplishing their goals. Services include:

  •  Comprehensive mental health and need assessments
  • Individual, youth, and family counseling 
  • Parenting and life skills support groups
  • Psycho-educational, behavioral assistance, and behavioral management 
  • Referrals and coordination of community support and services 

Specialized treatment needs relating to co-occuring substance use and behavioral/mental health, as well as intellecutal/development disabilities is also available. 

Program goals include:

  • Improving youth and family dynamics
  • Preventing and reducing the need for higher-intensity behavioral health or substance use treatment
  • Preventing and reducing the need or risk of inpatient hospitilization for out-of-home treamtment 
  • At home stabilization 
  • Transitioning youth from out of home treatment back into the community. 

Services are available for children age 3-7 living in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, Sussex, and Union County. 

Contact Information 

Phone: 877.922.2377


Referral Information

Referrals are accepted from CMO's and Children's Mobile Response and Stabilization Services

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