Locations/Phone Numbers

Locations/Phone Numbers

Offering a full range of services across New Jersey

The Access Center provides knowledgeable and helpful information to connect you to information about New Jersey programs and services that may best meet your needs.  

Access Center hours are Monday to Thursday from 9am-5pm and Friday from 9am-4pm. 

877.922.2377 (877.9.ACCESS)
The following New Jersey state-wide and county-based toll-free hotlines can provide you with information and support for a variety of needs, including women's health, homelessness, domestic and sexual violence, and LGBTQ support.



Administrative Headquarters and Business Offices

Administrative Headquarters and Counseling Offices

Phone: 856.964.1990
Fax: 856.964.0242

Administrative Headquarters and Outpatient Counseling

By appointment only
Phone: 609.569.0239

Administrative Headquarters and Outpatient Counseling

By appointment only
Phone: 973.324.7879

Administrative Headquarters

Phone: 856.651.7553

Administrative Headquarters

Mercer County Office

Phone: (609) 771-1600

Counseling & Program Offices

Camden Counseling Offices

Phone: 856.964.1990

Essex County Outpatient Counseling

By appointment only
Phone: 973.324.7879

Adolescent Services Program and Counseling Office

Phone: 856.408.3047
Fax: 856.964.0606

Counseling and Substance Use Treatment Offices

Phone: 856.728.0404
Fax: 856.728.1407

Camden PowerCorps

Morgan Village Community Center
Phone: 856.968.0165

IMANI Partial Care Program

Phone: 856.964.7291x301
Fax: 856.964.2775

Lynn's House - Counseling Office

Phone: 856.963.0200
Fax: 856.963.0220

Morris County Outpatient Counseling

By appointment only
Phone: 973.586.5243

Outpatient Counseling & Partial Care Programs

By appointment only
Phone: 609.652.1600

Passaic County Outpatient Counseling

By appointment only
Phone: 973.523.0089

Passaic County

Phone: 973.523.0089

Peaceful Tomorrows at Daniel's Den Community Center

Phone: 856.212.3308

Peter M. Musumeci Jr. & Linda M. Musumeci Family Sanctuary

Phone: 856.881.5511
Fax: 856.881.5582


Phone: 856.428.1180

SERV Counseling Office

By appointment only
Phone: 856.537.1813

SERV Counseling Office

By appointment only
Phone: 856.378.4328

SERV Counseling Office - Cumberland County

By appointment only
Phone: 856.696.2032
Fax: 856.696.7336

Sussex County

Phone: 9739400105

The Regina Hill Center For Counseling, Support, & Healing

Phone: 856.428.5688
Fax: 856.428.0949

Workforce Development Services

Workforce Development Services

Work Force Development & STAR Program

Work Force Development & STAR Program

Family Success Centers

Building Bridges Family Success Center

Phone: 856.309.1019
Fax: 856.309.1308

Community Connections Outreach Program

Phone: 609.238.0685

East Orange Family Success Center

Phone: 973.395.1442

Inland Family Success Center

Phone: 609.569.0376

New Day Family Success Center

Phone: 609.652.0230

Promise Neighborhood Family Success Center

Phone: 856.964.8096

Early Childhood Development & Preschool

Mosaic Early Learning Administrative Building

Phone: 856.964.2100
Fax: 856.964.2484

Mosaic Early Learning - KCNA Center

7:30 am - 5:30 pm - Extended Day
Phone: 856.408.3016
Fax: 856.379.6144

Mosaic Early Learning - Oaklyn Center

7:30am-5:30pm - Extended Day
Phone: 856.833.5010
Fax: 856.240.7251

Mosaic Early Learning - Blackwood Center

7:30am-5:00pm - Extended Day
Phone: 856.232.4943
Fax: 856.227.0439

Mosaic Early Learning -Browns Mills Center

9:00 am-3:00 pm
Phone: 609.836.5868

Mosaic Early Learning - Delanco Center

9:00 am-3:00 pm
Phone: 856.998.6833

Mosaic Early Learning - Nesbitt Community Center

Mosaic Early Learning - Lumberton Center

9:00 am-3:00 pm
Phone: 609.850.2222

Mosaic Early Learning - Pemberton Center

Phone: 609.836.5530

Recovery Centers

Living Proof Recovery Center

Phone: 855.967.3268 or
Secondary Phone: 856.216.7134

Living Proof Recovery Center at RCSJ

Phone: 856.216.7134

Safe and Supportive Housing

Benson House

Phone: 856.964.7291
Fax: 856.964.2775


Phone: 856.757.9450
Fax: 856.757.9621

Cumberland County Domestic Violence Safe House

Phone: 1.800.225.0196

Envision Healing Homes- Thrive

Phone: 856.454.5094
Fax: 856.545.7635

Envision Healing Homes - Triumph

Phone: 609.666.5050
Fax: 609.481.2023

Envision Healing Homes - Unity

Phone: 856.782.8865
Fax: 856.782.8861


Phone: 856.335.4647

Gloucester County Domestic Violence Safe House

Phone: 1.866.295.7378


Phone: 856.964.0061
Fax: 856.964.8474

Mother Child

Phone: 856.853.1761

OASIS Youth Services Program of Cape May County

Phone: 609.465.5045
Fax: 609.465.0565


Phone: 856.881.6100
Fax: 856.863.1349

Tranquility House

Phone: 609.465.5045
Fax: 609.465.0565

Transitions Treatment Home- EDRU

Phone: 609.704.5155
Fax: 609.704.5169

YES Healing Homes Campus

Phone: 856.881.7045
Fax: 856.227.2066

Yes Children's Shelter

Phone: 856.352.6390

Triad House